5 Best & Worst Seattle Seahawk Draft Picks

5 Best & Worst Seattle Seahawk Draft Picks

The Seattle Seahawks have enjoyed several prominent seasons in the NFL. Their players have contributed to several outstanding seasons for the franchise. They have recently won a Super Bowl in 2014 when they beat the Denver Broncos and made other post-season appearances. Several important draft picks would change the future for the Seattle Seahawks. Look back at some of the best and worst draft selections from the franchise.

Best Picks #5 – CB Richard Sherman

Sherman hailed from Stanford and played well against Pac-10 offenses. He was selected during the 2011 draft, chosen by the Seahawks. Seattle would draft Richard Sherman with their fifth round pick. Since then, he has transformed the secondary of the team. Expect tight coverage against wide receivers whenever Richard Sherman is on the field and he’s a big reason the 2016 Seahawks are a strong playoff contender.

Best Picks #4 – RB Shaun Alexander

Seattle landed RB Shaun Alexander with the 19th overall pick of the first round in 2000. He proved to be well worth that slot during his first year. Shaun Alexander immediately had an impact for their offense. The RB would score 14 rushing touchdowns during the 2001 NFL season for Seattle. He would also set an NFL record in 2005, scoring 27 rushing touchdowns that season. During his career, he made the Pro-Bowl three times.

Best Picks #3 – WR Joey Galloway

The team had a high profile choice to make in 1995 in the first round. With the 8th overall pick, the would snag WR Joey Galloway. In five years for Seattle, he would score 37 times on the field. Joey Galloway would also catch 287 passes for 4,457 yards while with Seattle. In 2005, Galloway would end up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He enjoyed a 16 year career with the NFL and left a lasting impression for fans.

Best Picks #2 – G Steve Hutchison

In 2001, Seattle would be faced with an important draft choice. They secured G Steve Hutchison with the 17th overall pick. That would improve their offensive line going in to the next season. Steve Hutchison would spend five years with Seattle on the offensive line. He would be selected All Pro twice during that time frame. His performance would also help Seattle make its first Superbowl appearance.

Best Picks #1 – OT Walter Jones

After a standout college career with Florida State, Walter Jones was highly valued. The Seahawks selected Walter Jones with the 6th overall pick in the first round of 1997. His 12 year career would result in 4 All-Pro selections as well. Seattle has retired his #12 jersey and he will be inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August 2016. One of our best players of all-time.

Worst Picks #5 – CB Walter Thurmond

He played well in college for Oregon, stifling offenses with his coverage. The Seahawks selected Thurmond during the 4th round of the 2011 NFL draft. He played well across 14 games of his rookie season for Seattle. But he has been limited by a string of injuries on the field. That has sidelined CB Walter Thurmond and kept him from performing his best on defense.

Worst Picks #4 – DT Marcus Tubbs

Seattle would place another important first round pick in 2004. They selected DT Marcus Tubbs with the 23rd overall pick. He started 11 games during his first season for the franchise. Unfortunately, knee injuries would sideline the defensive player for much of his career. He sat out most of 2006 and all of 2007 with the Seahawks.

Worst Picks #3 – QB Dan McGwire

In 1991, Seattle opted to pick QB Dan McGwire with the 16th overall selection of the first round. He was Mark McGwire’s brother and stood 6’4″ with a body weight of 240 pounds. Unfortunately, he would only start 5 games over 4 seasons with Seattle. Dan would leave the NFL by the 1996 season.

Worst Picks #2 – QB Rick Mirer

The Seahawks have had mixed results with the QB selections. They would draft QB Rick Mirer with the 2nd overall pick, first round of the 1993 draft. He secured the starting quarterback role in his rookie season. But his statistics would drop over the next three years. He would finally be traded from Seattle to Chicago years later.

Worst Picks #1 – LB Brian Bosworth

Seattle drafted LB Brian Bosworth with the first overall pick in 1987. He was dubbed “The Boz” while in college with Oklahoma. But he would only play three seasons for the Seahawks. A series of shoulder injuries would force him out of the NFL in 1989.

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